Liquid detergents, hand and body washes together with hand lotions have been growing in popularity our bathrooms and kitchens. Their popularity in part is due to their ability their convenience and general tidiness in comparison to traditional bar soap. Iconic Australian brands such as Aēsop and Jurlique have capitalised on this tread and made the pump bottle synonymous with the modern Australian bathroom.

As usage moves away from bar soap and embraces the pump bottle in the desire for decluttered and more minimal interiors the design of our tapware can respond by allowing these various pump packs to be integrated into our bathrooms. The ‘ledge’ represents a new approach for a completely integrated design for detergents in our bathrooms and kitchens, freeing up precious bench space and whilst also suspending the detergent/balm/shampoo in a convenient location directly above the vanity, sink, bath or shower.

Designed to complement a wide range of contemporary and minimal bathrooms and kitchens in an understated and timeless way the Ledge incorporates the pure geometry of cylinders and cubes. This approach allows the range to work either individually or with other products The ability to house detergents, liquid soaps, moisturisers and other items such as hand towels, sponges and even soap in a deliberate way ensures seamless usage and allows counters to remain clutter free and clean.


The ‘ledge’ was a finalist in the Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards 2015

Status: Concept

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