G Lux Showroom

The G-Lux showroom is a multi-functional venue where their striking product is hero, but also works as a workplace environment and a gallery space.

Importers of stone porcelain & timber, G-Lux wanted their showroom to use their product to convey their values and passion for the industry in a fresh and quirky way. They wanted something unique and unexpected in the industry.

The crates used to ship their stone, and the beautiful product itself being used as furniture and art inspired our concept.

The large warehouse allowed us to also allocate multiple spaces for offices, workstations and permanent and temporary art installations.

In addition to the product range on display, the porcelain butterfly installation and custom bench furniture and features cut from solid onyx and stone are an impressive testament to the versatility of G-Lux’s offer, and their passion for innovation.

This project was collaboration between Studio Equator and Davidov Partners.


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Accolades: Australian Interior Design Award Shortlist (Retail)

Interior Design Excellence Awards Shortlist (Retail)

BPN Sustainability Awards Finalist (Small Commercial)

ArchiTeam Awards – Commendation (Commercial)

Status: Completed - 2012

Location: Cremorne, Victoria

Photographer: Andrew Wuttke

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