Moment in Time

Moment in Time – Apple and Honey Server

The apple and honey server is the first new piece of Judaica Robert Davidov has designed since releasing his Pesach Seder Plate in 2010.

The initial concept for the apple and honey server was to represent an exploded apple with a honey core held in time. This idea of representing the apple and reinforcing the common Rosh Hashanah typology of the circle was important as it allows the object to express its purpose and the festival when in use or display. The idea of the fleeting nature of time being frozen seemed an appropriate metaphor for representing one of the opportunities Rosh Hashanah represents.

The 18 leaves that encircle the honey bowl allow apple wedges to be placed in between. One of the leaves contains a small ‘stem’ insert that can be used to drizzle honey over the apple pieces.

As the use of an apple and honey server is purely seasonal the ability for the object to be used throughout the year was important. Year round the ‘stem’ leaf can be replaced with the bird inserts and the exploded apple is reinterpreted as a nesting bird which can be used as a fruit bowl, to hold coffee pods or just as a decorative object.

The apple and honey server is made in Melbourne.

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Status: Available for purchase

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